Atty. Ed  Pollard

Like many of us, recent changes in health care, the law, the economy, politics and society may be adding to your concern for loved ones, especially  in the event of a catastrophic illness or other major event.  Uncertainty about the future requires careful decision-making and up-to-date legal arrangements to ensure that our wishes will be met, and our loved ones provided for appropriately.  

With these concerns in mind, it is important to periodically review the arrangements we now have in place and to consider the variety of other planning instruments now available.  Equally important, although many clients have already made Wills, Powers of Attorney and other Estate Planning arrangements, it is important to remember that, because of changes in the law, and our lives, documents drafted in years past might no longer comply with our wishes, and could even now be ineffective and obsolete.  Various financial, medical and government agencies even suggest that certain documents, such as Powers of Attorney, might not be acceptable if they are more than a few years old.

Unfortunately, much of the information available from popular media and the internet regarding planning for ones' home, health care, assets and estate can be confusing and rather overwhelming.  Perhaps now, more than ever, it is important to obtain the guidance of a qualified legal adviser who can help make sense of the many planning options available,  and can guide you toward arrangements specifically suited to meet your needs.

For a confidential review of your present needs and legal arrangements, and to discuss the various options available, kindly contact my office. I look forward to helping you gain peace of mind from knowing that appropriate arrangements are in place.

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